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Virtual jewelry design is a helpful way to design the physical look of a piece of jewelry without having the physical materials on hand. Take for example Swarovski crystal beads, most jewelry creators can only dream of working with these exquisite beads.
But with the Swarovski virtual bed jewelry design application they can live that dream and put together their own fantasy jewelry. This tool is hosted by the 'create your style with Swarosvski' web site. The website also has tons of information on Swarosvski jewelry products as well as information about the company itself [...]
If you are in the market for a diamond, you'll usually find that most diamond retailers are honest, however there are some unethical jewelers that seem to follow the old adage that, "A fool and his money are soon parted". Which means that you, as a diamond ring shopper, need to know just what the swindles will be, how to recognize them and ways to steer clear of them. Here are a few tricks, swindles and scams that people have run across.
The Round-Up Carat Weight Swindle
Interestingly, jewelers are permitted by law to round off diamond gemstone carat sizes. To illustrate, a diamond tagged as a 1/2 carat diamond may weigh between 0.46 and 0.53 carats. Obviously the percentages of any jeweler offering a 0.54 carat stone with a price tag of a 0.5 carat diamond are just about zero, but price tagging a 0.46 carat stone as a 0.5 carat weight gemstone will make this unethical jeweler a very nice return and set you back a lot of money [...]
Necklaces are beautiful but you can augment their beauty if you wear diamond and gemstone pendants. Diamonds and colorful gemstones like rubies and garnets truly enhance the elegance and the appeal of both the outfit and the wearer. Create a unique look by choosing pendants that describe who you really are.
Letter Pendants
Selecting letters for pendants will always be personal. You can choose your initial or you can have your nickname as the pendant. You can also pick one certain letter and it could represent who or what you love. Diamond and gemstone pendants can be really romantic especially if you wear it during a candlelit dinner [...]