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Custom Bracelets


Name bracelets for grandmothers, new mothers, baby gifts.

Unique, Custom, Boutique Style Name Bracelets for Girls of all Ages and Stages. Including Medical Alert Bracelets! Original Designs, Terrific Prices!
Customized mother'sbracelets child bracelets grandmother bracelets and more.

[ Tulsa, OK ] : Keepsake jewelry for mother and child. Mothers' name bracelets.

Celebrating Life and Motherhood through Beautiful Jewelry! Our goal is to offer you beautiful, timeless, and affordable jewelry to celebrate your own journey, wherever it may take you.
"Beautiful & Affordable" Handmade Beaded Jewelry....because everyone deserves something pretty. Stretch Bracelets, Mothers/Name Bracelets, Charm & Photo Bracelets, Stretch Rings, Little Girls & Seasonal Items, Anklets, Key Chains and More!

Each bracelet is designed especially for you, and customized with your desires in mind! We take such joy in creating a piece of jewelry that will be treasured!

[ Ames, LA ] :Offer unique Mothers Bracelets in 14k gold and sterling silver. Also specialize in other fine jewelry.